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This spring, ignite a spark of Innovation and Entrepreneurial mindset in your child. MoonCamp Robotics will offer a glimpse into the future of technology and entrepreneurship.

Camp Starts - 6th April 2021
2-week camp at £229 (£329)!

Registrations are closed.

Registrations are closed.

Hands-on Robotics Learning

MoonCamp is a thrilling and exciting online learning expedition to help children build interest in innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of robotics. 

Introduction to microcontrollers

Basics on electronics and circuit

Introduction to Arduino IDE and interfacing with computer

Introduction to programming

Introduction to sensors and motors

Programming and debugging

Entrepreneurship and Soft Skills

An entrepreneurial and innovative mindset will be critical for the future of work. Therefore, we want every child to imbibe entrepreneurial skills along with technical knowledge in the camp. The MoonCamp curriculum includes:

• Entrepreneurship development
• Video creation
• E-commerce

Learning Kits Included in Enrollment Fee 
and Will be Shipped to Your Address

Moonpreneur Board Game: Sharpen entrepreneurial skills with the business strategy board game.
Embedded Learner Kit: Makes experiments with microcontrollers such as Arduino easy. 

Note: The learning kits are included in the camp fee and will be shipped to your address upon enrollment.
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Teaching Methodology
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Download the Daily Schedule Here

Choose the Best Robotics Virtual Camp at Just £84.50/week

For children 9-17 years

Here is what you will get in this summer camp:

- Starting from 6th April 2021
2 Weeks (5 days/week)
- Half-day camp: 10 am – 2:15 pm GMT
- Skill Level: Beginner
- Secure, virtual classrooms
- Expert faculty
- Kits Included: Moonpreneur board game and Embedded Learner Kit

Receive a digital certificate of completion

Your Moonshot Jr Certificate will help you:

✓ To create portfolios for university
✓ Prove your skills with an outcome-focused approach
​✓ Show your updated knowledge in the latest technology

Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to learn and create
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Our Moonpreneurs
I created the Sania Box- the embedded computer kit with the help of mentors from Moonshot Jr. They take a special interest to develop skills in every kid who wants to learn with them.
Sania Jain
Creator of Sania Box
Moonshot Jr has a unique way of approaching learning. They teach you through experience and hands-on activities rather than mere theoretical knowledge. 
Shorya Malhotra
Founder of MQBIT
I became a part of Moonshot Junior to study sensors. The tutors further piqued my interest in hardware, and I designed and launched my first product- the Moon Pi Hub Cam. 
Anitez Gautam
Creator of Moon Pi Hub Cam

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Frequently Asked Questions
How long will the virtual camp last?
MoonCamp will be a 2-week long tech spring camp, which begins on the 6th of April, 2021. You can download our curriculum here.

Can parents monitor their child's progress throughout the camp?
Yes, we will give parents special access to monitor their kids' assessments and progress as they go through every stage of the tech camp experience.

How will I receive the course materials?
The course material will be presented virtually to all kids. We will have live sessions, breakout rooms, and one instructor for a group of 4/5 kids who will guide them throughout the camp.

We will be delivering the hands-on learning kits: Embedded Learner Kit, and the Moonpreneur board game to the address provided during enrollment. The cost of these kits is included in the enrollment fee. The mentors at the camp will educate students on the various projects they can create using the kits. The board game is to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, and kids will be playing it during their assigned time.

 When will I receive the link for the class?
The link for the camp will be sent to the registered email ID a week before the camp begins.

 Is the fee refundable?
No, the fee is non-refundable.

What will be the schedule for the camp?
The summer camp will begin on the 6th of April, 2021 and will last for 2 weeks. We will begin our sessions at 10 am every day and will go on till 2.15 pm (GMT). Children will get two breaks through the day, including a lunch break. For more information, download our curriculum here.

Do I need to install any software for MoonCamp?
No, children will need only a laptop and a good internet connection to access the camp.
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